**AB Softech IT Payment Policy**

Effective Date: 07/03/2024

Thank you for choosing AB Softech IT for your IT solutions. To ensure a smooth and transparent financial transaction process, please review our payment policy outlined below:

1. **Payment Methods:**
We accept the following payment methods:
– Bank Transfers
– Credit/Debit Cards
– PayPal

2. **Invoice and Billing:**
– Invoices will be issued upon the completion of the agreed-upon services or delivery of products.
– Clients will receive invoices electronically via email.
– Billing cycles may vary depending on the nature of the project or service.

3. **Payment Terms:**
– Payment is due within [Insert Number] days from the date of the invoice.
– For long-term projects, milestone-based payments may be agreed upon in the contract.

4. **Late Payments:**
– Late payments may be subject to a late fee of [Insert Percentage] after the due date.
– Persistent late payments may result in a temporary suspension of services until outstanding payments are settled.

5. **Currency:**
– All transactions will be conducted in [Insert Currency].

6. **Refund Policy:**
– Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with the terms outlined in the service agreement.

7. **Taxes:**
– All applicable taxes will be clearly stated on the invoice.

8. **Dispute Resolution:**
– In the event of a payment dispute, clients are encouraged to contact our billing department at [Insert Contact Information] for prompt resolution.

9. **Client Responsibility:**
– Clients are responsible for providing accurate billing information.
– Any changes to billing information should be communicated promptly to avoid payment processing issues.

10. **Confidentiality:**
– AB Softech IT values the confidentiality of our clients’ financial information. All payment details will be kept secure and will not be disclosed to third parties.

11. **Contact Information:**
– For any payment-related inquiries or concerns, please contact our billing department at [Insert Contact Information].

By engaging in business with AB Softech IT, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this payment policy. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to delivering exceptional IT solutions and services.

Thank you for choosing AB Softech IT.


AB Softech IT